RELAX CBD Strips by CreednC

RELAX CBD Strips by CreednC
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A 10 mg CBD formula with high anti-anxiety CBD.  Accompanied by a calming blend of terpenes to promote inner peace. For many users, CBD – in a dosage controlled delivery – may provide relief from the feelings and symptoms of anxiety. RELAX By CreednC is formulated with these Mood Specific Terpenes:

  • β-Caryophllene – stress relief
  • Myrcene -sedating and relaxing
  • Terpineol – sedative effect 
  • Limonene – anti-anxiety

-Each 10mg strip is packaged in an individual sealed foil pouch

-Ten strips come in each discrete, sleeve packet

-Fits perfect in pocket, purse, wallet, or phone case

-Sublingual Technology ensures a precise dose every time 

-Available in 6 different flavors