When we hear the word ‘algae,’ an image of that green gunk that clutters up our neglected fish tank emerges.

However, algae are a lot more than just water-based mess. In reality, research has revealed that algae are one of the best super foods there is; packed with natural and powerful nutrients.

Hence, there are tremendous benefits of consuming algae every day. If you cannot stand the idea of eating it, you would be surprised to know that you may have already consumed algae in your diet at some point of life. For instance, seaweed is a type of edible algae. This means every time you had a spicy tuna roll, you also consumed algae and benefited from its many advantages.

There are various different algae supplements available in the market today. Consult your doctor before choosing one. They are popularly available as tablets, capsules and are also consumed in powdered form.

Another supplement of algae is the Algal oil. It is derived from algae and is frequently used a vegan substitute to fish oils. This health supplement has shown positive outcomes, when used regularly.

If you need to increase your intake of important omega-3 fatty acids, Algal oil serves as a great supplement.

The amount of algae oil you consume is something that you should consult with your doctor. Dosages are different based on the health of the individual and the potency of the product. So, it is important to ask your doctor who may prescribe the best supplements according to your age and health. Although a lot of research is required to support the scientific information regarding the use of blue-green algae and other algae products, it is known to deliver dozens of health benefits.

Here are a few benefits of consuming Algae every day.

Helps to lose Weight

Consuming algae is a great way to expedite your weight loss efforts. Since it contains fucoxanthin, which is a naturally occurring pigment found in brown algae known to promote fat burning, algae helps to promote weight loss.

Fights Cancer

Studies prove that several different types of algae are capable to slow down the growth of cancerous cells in both animals and humans. Lab researches reveal that regular use of algae can inhibit, prevent and reduce the growth of cancer cells with its potential cancer-killing capabilities.

Promotes Good Heart Health

Multiple studies in humans, animals and cells have established the fact that dietary intake of blue green algae is a natural way to improve blood lipid profiles. It also prevents oxidative stress, which is a strong contributing factor to the development of many heart conditions.

Can be taken for Pain Alleviation and Inflammation

The benefits of algae are not just restricted to overall health. It also serves as a great pain reliever with anti-inflammatory qualities. Since algae consists several anti-inflammatory compounds such as chlorophyll and omega-3 fatty acids and serves as a rich source of compounds that have a healing effect.

Algae feature many analgesic, anti-inflammatory and gastro-protective activities.

Lowers Cholestrol

Algae are packed with phytosterols, which are capable of reducing blood cholesterol levels. Since, it works by efficiently decreasing LDL cholesterol; consuming algae every day is a great way to keep tabs on your bad cholesterol.

Final Thoughts

Consuming algae every day is a great way to prevent many underlying health conditions. It is good for the heart and maintains good health, the natural way.


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