Leaky gut syndrome is not a disease that can be pinpointed. It may be related to many other problems that we consider as separate diseases. The Father of modern medicine and Greek Philosopher Hippocrates indicated that the cause of all diseases is the dysfunction of the gut. There is often the reason for other diseases that may seem unrelated.

Leaky gut is also known as intestinal permeability. Our body derives its nutrients from the food we eat. The nutrients are then absorbed into the bloodstream and the rest is expelled by our body. The leaky gut syndrome is related to gut health. There are tight junctions present in the gut that prevent harmful toxins from entering the bloodstream.

There are multiple reasons that your body may begin to exhibit symptoms of a leaky gut. This may be due to the environment, toxic food elements that we consume and chronic stress. There may be several other reasons this may happen, but these are the ones that scientists are positive about.

There are many signs that your body is experiencing a leaky gut, such as; bloating, cramps and food sensitivity. Here are a few observations you can make before getting a checkup.


There are researchers who propose the connection of a leaky gut to autoimmune diseases. An autoimmune disease is a very sever health complication where your body’s immune systems start to attack healthy cells. There is an enzyme that repairs the gaps that form in the tight junction. These gaps are the reason a leaky gut syndrome is caused; this is when the immune system starts attacking beneficial cells. If you have been diagnosed with autoimmune disease, get a test for leaky gut syndrome as well.


The bacterium in the gut is responsible for circulating the nutrients from the food to the whole body. When the body receives an adequate amount of nutrients, there are no signs of bloating or weight gain. However, if you are continuously bloated despite your efforts to eat right and lose weight, you should definitely get a checkup.


In the race of life we often forget to take the time out to look after ourselves, we often overburden ourselves and lose sleep. We often assume that our aches, pains, and fatigue are the result of not relaxing or getting adequate sleep. Try a few yoga postures and go to a health spa. It the problem still persists, get a medical checkup.


Food does make us happy, but there are times that whenever we eat a hearty meal and feel satisfied, we often have to face the bouts of indigestion. There a few compounds and complex carbohydrates that the body finds difficult to digest. However, if the problem persists it is better to see a doctor.


This is mostly caused due to an unhealthy diet, antibiotics or drinking alcohol. Since the leaky gut syndrome is affecting gut bacteria, it will cause  dysbiosis to occur due to an imbalance of micro biota in your intestines. If this condition persists it is good to get an opinion from the doctor regarding a leaky gut.


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