For the past decade, wellness circles have touted the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric supplements. While turmeric has proven to be a useful supplement for many, turmeric may have met its match in CBD products. Now that hemp-based products are legal in all 50 states, millions are starting to prefer CBD oil for pain relief over turmeric.

Research involving both CBD and turmeric suggests that these supplements display anti-inflammatory properties. So, which is the best for your needs? Let’s take a look at why   CBD oil is the superior supplement to turmeric for promoting overall wellness.

CBD Oil is More Sustainable Than Turmeric

Turmeric has been around for centuries. However, it is a very hard crop to grow. For one, it takes eight to ten months to reach maturity. Not to mention, it lays dormant in the winter months. Therefore, it takes its entire growing season to reach maturity. Lastly, the root won’t prosper in less than 65° F.

Hemp is far less temperamental. While seedlings thrive in the soil around 46°–50°F, the plants themselves can withstand pretty hot temperature. Cultivating hemp does take a lot of maintenance. However, you can harvest the crop in around four months. Therefore, you get more product that you can grow in several regions in half the time.

CBD Oil is More Bioavailable than Turmeric

Research indicates that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It also suggests that turmeric may provide relief for inflammation as well. However, what’s the point of taking an anti-inflammatory for your body if your system is unable to metabolize it? Let’s examine one of the biggest pitfalls in the benefits of turmeric in comparison to CBD.

Bioavailability of Turmeric

When interest in turmeric products peaked, it came to light that those taking the supplements may not be receiving all the benefits they anticipated. That is due to how our body absorbs the primary molecule in turmeric--curcumin.

As much of an inflammation antagonist curcumin may be, our body has trouble processing this compound. Research suggests that on its own, curcumin in the body has poor:

  • Absorption
  • Biodistribution
  • Metabolism
  • Bioavailability

Scientists conducted more studies on turmeric that found the body has a better chance of absorbing the nutrients in the presence of black pepper. An active compound in black pepper known as piperine has shown to enhance curcumin absorption by 2000%!

Bioavailability of CBD

What’s great about CBD is that it’s so self-sufficient. Research indicates that molecules in hemp, known as cannabinoids, create a synergy effect. The 113 known cannabinoids within the hemp plant enhance their individual benefits, including absorption and fighting inflammation.

High-quality CBD oil uses the whole hemp plant in the process. This creates a full-spectrum hemp oil that is rich in unique phytochemicals found in cannabis plants.

If you were to purchase a CBD isolate, you would not get the same benefits as a full-spectrum CBD oil. That’s because there are no other phytocannabinoids to complement the CBD.

CBD Oil is More Versatile Than Turmeric

Not only does your body absorb CBD easier than turmeric, but there are so many ways to incorporate CBD into your routine as well!  While some use turmeric in their cooking, they tend to miss out on the nutrients this way. Therefore, those who use turmeric for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant purposes tend to do so in a capsule form.

While many companies create CBD capsules, that isn’t the only way to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids. The CBD industry is versatile and burgeoning, coming out with cutting-edge products continually. Here are some of the most popular CBD oil products.  

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are an easy way to get a quick dose of cannabinoids. You just place a few drops under your tongue, and your blood vessels absorb the cannabinoid-rich oil. A CBD tincture is ideal for those in need of quick CBD benefits. The tongue absorbs the cannabinoids at a faster rate than your digestive system does breaking down a capsule. Therefore, you feel the benefits sooner.

CBD Beauty Care

In addition, CBD has entered the beauty care realm. Research indicates that our skin has its own endocannabinoid system. This is a series of receptors responsible for dry, itchy, or red skin. With a CBD Bath Bomb, cannabinoids can penetrate your pores and get directly to the root of the problem. Whereas, turmeric goes directly to your digestive system, where every second it loses bioavailability.  

In addition, CBD has high levels of antioxidants and fatty acids. These minerals and fats are essential for repairing tissue and rejuvenating cells, reinvigorating that youthful glow!

CBD Edibles

If you’re going to digest your CBD like turmeric, might as well make it taste good! CBD helps provide energy and focus. Therefore, it was a natural evolution to infuse CBD into energy drinks.

CBD edibles like CBD Energy Drinks is what makes CBD oil more fun than turmeric. The ever-growing interest in CBD products has seen the products evolve into tasty supplements. We’re partial to CBD Oil ourselves!

CBD Oil vs Turmeric - What’s Better?

If you are looking for well-rounded wellness, look no further than CBD oil. CBD oil has the anti-inflammatory abilities of turmeric...and then some. With CBD, you have an increased bioavailability not found in curcumin. This advantage is much in thanks to the cannabinoids in hemp not present in turmeric.

These cannabinoids also have a unique connection with the body through the endocannabinoid system. That is why CBD products have evolved into the beauty realm as well. This versatility in methods of use is why CBD oil is far superior to turmeric for anti-inflammatory relief.


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